As a landlord or business owner in Charlotte, Charleston, or Columbia, you may not be aware of the problems plaguing your roof. Despite it being over our heads all the time, you can overlook your roof. When your roof does draw your attention, it’s often too late. Things like leaks can be expensive to fix if you put off repairing your roof for too long. But if you don’t have time to check your roof regularly, you can hire someone else to do it: a roof maintenance contractor.

You’ll Save Money

Say the are of your establishment’s roof is 20,000 square feet. If a hole or leak forms after ten years because you didn’t have your roof checked, having it fixed will cost you at least $50,000. That’s because the cost of repair is at least 25 cents per year per square foot, and this rate can be even higher in some areas. On the other hand, if you hire a contractor to keep your roof well-maintained, it will only cost you at least $2,800 per year for a total of $28,000 in ten years.

The reason why maintenance is cheaper than a full-blown overhaul is that the contractor can repair potential problems before they worsen. At the same time, regular maintenance will help extend your roof’s lifespan, so you’ll be able to save money on significant repairs.

Leaks and holes can cause inefficiencies in the air conditioning system and plumbing of your establishment. If you have a well-maintained roof, you can also cut down on utility costs arising from these inefficiencies. You can also save money on overtime pay for your janitors, because emergencies arising from damage to your roof can be prevented.

…and make money.

If you are a landlord, your tenants will continue to rent the spaces you offer if they know that you are responsible. Roof maintenance is part of being a responsible landlord, because it will help you ensure your tenants will feel safe. If other people find out you’re a responsible landlord, they will also sign up to be your tenants.

Those who work in a commercial facility owned and operated by you will be more productive when they know they are in a safe environment. With a well-maintained roof, the temperature of your interiors will become stable as well, which will make these workers more productive. That, in turn, will mean you and your tenants will make more money.

You save time as well

Having your roof well-maintained mean you wouldn’t have to spend time looking for someone to repair your roof in case of emergency. Also, you won’t have to spend much time talking to your workers, tenants, and clients to alleviate their concerns. You also won’t have to talk to your building’s insurance carrier or spend time looking for the cash to cover repairs. With more time on your hands, you can focus on other essential tasks.

You can rest easy

Leaks in your roof won’t be obvious when it’s not raining, but when it is, watch out. Leaks can damage important equipment and papers, which will only add to your problems. But when you hire a maintenance service, you can rest assured that someone’s keeping an eye on your roof.

CMS Roofing can detect problems and fix them ahead of time. This means you and your tenants won’t need to worry about a leaky roof or anything like that.