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Although an increasing number of building owners are already using roof coatings, there are still many others who still have no idea what they are and what they are used for. These building owners often have a lot of questions surrounding the benefits of roof coatings as well as their drawbacks. This article will address why many building owners are starting to use a roof coating on their roof.


It Is a Great Investment

A roof coating is a great choice if you want to save a considerable amount of money in the long run. It costs much less than a roof replacement and even less than installing another roof on top of your existing one. This is why you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars if you choose to use a roof coating over a roof replacement. In addition, roof coatings come with warranties that can prevent you from having to pay costly repairs on your roof in the future. Roof coatings usually come with tax benefits as well. That is because the use of a roof coating can be considered as an expense, thus saving you money on your taxes. In short, a roof coating will save you much more money than it costs.


It Is Environmentally Conscious

Roof coatings can be considered as a green roofing system for various reasons. With a roof coating, there is no need for roof tear-off during the installation and also when they are recoated at the end of their lifespan. Without the need for tear-off, there will be no thousands of pounds of roofing material that needs to be dumped in landfills. Moreover, roof coatings are reflective, thus reducing a significant amount of energy that your building uses. They can also bring down the urban heat island in big cities as well. If you have always wanted to go green, then choosing a roof coating is a great first step to start with.


It Outperforms Other Systems

Compared to other roofing systems on the market today, roof coatings are the easiest to install. All that needs to be done is for the roof to be washed, any failing penetrations on the roof to be fixed, and the coating is ready to be installed! It is as simple as that. Over the past couple of decades, roof coatings have been carefully designed and developed, making their progress further along than any other roofing systems out there. In addition to the simple installation, roof coatings do not come with seams, which makes it immune to many failures that other roof systems experience.



While the idea of using a roof coating on a building may be new and daunting to many building owners, the benefits that come with it outweigh all doubts and fear that one may have. Even though roof coatings are relatively new on the market, they have been carefully engineered over the past decades. Also, considering all the benefits that they provide, from its cost-saving factor to easy installation, there is no reason why you should not consider going for a roof coating now!