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Nearly all roof damages will get progressively worse, a small puncture in the roofing membrane can evolve into a leak that costs thousands to repair. Performing regular repairs along with roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof. Repairing your roof has 5 major benefits.

1. Remaining vigilant on repairs can extend your roof life and limit the cost of potential repairs/replacement

2. Repairs will ensure you keep your warranty in tact

3. Repairs keep your business energy-efficient by ensuring all penetrations are sealed and your roof has proper ventilation

4. Repairs can improve the aesthetics of your business

5. Keeping your roof repaired can reduce the heath risks to employees by keeping mold, mildew and other allergens out of your business

Open laps and seams in a commercial roofing membrane such as EPDM or TPO can become torn or damaged and need repairs. These repairs are necessary to avoid any potential leaks or further intrusions. Often completed by welding a patch over the membrane with a heat gun for a proper seal.

Roof repair sealant is a permanent, UV stable application that requires only one coat. This fabric free flashing and seam sealer adheres to a variety of penetrations and roof surfaces to ensure your roof is water tight.

Roofing patches are generally above and beyond a standard repair. This is when there may be rotting wood, mold, and much more. It means that a portion of the roof may have been cut away, and the patch is there to prevent elements from entering the building. It also ensures that the initial problem, such as wood rot or mold is eliminated so that it cannot spread to other areas of the roof. Patches are generally the next step to explore before a replacement of the roof is required.

Common rooftop curbs include skylights, hatches, HVAC units and exhaust fans. These are essentially metal frames designed for mounting structures safely to your roof. The platform of the frame is lined with flashing in to prevent unwanted water damage from seepage through the membrane.

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