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Siding Replacement & Repairs

Damaged siding can allow a host of problems to enter your walls and your home. Leaks from a damaged or missing pieces of siding can invite rot, mold and mildew inside of your home.

Timely maintenance and repair can help keep the bones of your home strong for a longer period of time!

Top 3 Reasons your Siding may Need Replaced:

  • Nails Exposure or Popping
    • Siding often expands and contracts during frequent weather changes. The pressure this causes on the nails can cause them to become exposed and pop out, often leading pieces blowing off.


  • Seams Cracking or Fading/Flaking Paint
    • In order to keep the moisture and water out of your home your siding needs to be properly caulked and painted. If moisture is able to get into these cracks it can cause rot and mold that may not be visible immediately from the interior of the home. 
    • Wood siding often should be inspected for necessary repairs every 3-7 years. 


  • Damage from Birds and Animals
    • Birds and squirrels often look for areas to keep warm during the colder weather. It is common for them to get underneath siding boards that are not fully fastened and get into the attic of your home. They can cause additional damage to the roofing or gutter systems if not properly taken care of. 

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