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An old and worn roof poses all sorts of risks. Sadly, many homeowners do not really think about the roofs over their heads until it shows worse damage that demand a costly roof repair.

Different factors can impact the performance of your roof. At CMS Roofing, we have put together this handy list to help you determine if it might be time to consider buying a new roof.


Leaks Are All Over the Place

The most obvious sign you need the services of a roofing contractor for a roof repair is a leaking roof. While a single leak can be repaired, extensive leaks mean that your roofing system is completely compromised.


Curled or Buckled Shingles

Extreme weather conditions can make your shingles curl or buckle. This happens when the edges of the shingle turn upward, which leaves the wood below exposed to the elements, resulting in further structural damages. In some cases, the affected shingles can be replaced individually, but if the problem is present throughout the roof, then a roof replacement is the best choice.


Shingle Granule Loss

Mineral granules were added to the design of roofing shingles to help protect your roof from extreme heat. Without them, it’s easier for the water and sun to cause damage. Depending on the level of granule loss, roofers can repair the damaged shingles without having to buy a new roof.


While repairs are pricey, do not put your home at risk by ignoring these problems. If your roof is showing signs of damages, contact CMS Roofing right away so you can avoid further problems. Call us at 803-732-5558 or 843-732-5558 to know more about our services. We serve the areas of Charleston and Columbia, SC.