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Our Customer Reviews

This is a five star company by far, from great customer service to the nstallation crew. The weather was bad for a couple days so the company stayed in contact with me until the installation could be done. The crew showed up and got straight to work. I would like to truly say thank you, best small business with great service. This has been the best service I've had in a while, and quote for work was accurate to the dollar, no hidden fees. Keep up the great work guys.

g clark Avatar
g clark

CMS Roofing was quick to respond, gave an easy to understand quote, and then was very prompt in getting my repair on their schedule. The work was well documented, of good quality, and they cleaned up behind themselves extremely well which is very rare for roofing companies. I highly recommend them!

Trace Parker Avatar
Trace Parker

Mike Curcio is a very knowledgeable professional. And he has passed that knowledge and work ethic to his team. As a Realtor I deal with all types of contractors and roof has always been a difficult one, but with CMS I have found a company I have trusted not just my clients with, but also on my own home. Highly recommended, and would give more stars, if possible.

Carlos Deuringer Avatar
Carlos Deuringer